Suffering soul in scientific age essay

On account of they are busy with their scientific world. They regarded soul as a part of God. The defense sector is another sector of which the science rightly boasts due to the rapid advancements in it.

Materialistic desires have been shouldered by scientific inventions. It has achieved wonders and thus has brought about irreversible changes in the world.

I just feel better words can be chosen. By hook or by crook, he wants to possess the luxuries provided to him by science. Bulbul has to be of the flower. This means humans are tired of killing each other, now robots will murder humans.

Body craves for unnatural pleasure while soul craves for natural pleasure.


Everyone is running after worldly pleasure. Science has even produced test tube babies. Advanced telecommunication systems and transport means have turned world into a global village. Everything has demise except soul. As Hazrat Ali R.

Not all of them worked and a few thalidomide had disastrous consequences. It would be surprising to know that people are in contact through chat and online messaging though they are in same city, because they think it's faster and effective but they forget that meeting personally can never replace online chatting.

Case closed, you might say. Religion is losing its value with time and more and more people are becoming materialistic and atheistic. Body and soul can only move in one direction by following the path of Almighty Allah. The first electronic computers came not from the labs of IBM but from the universities of Manchester and Pennsylvania.

Innocents are raped and killed. He has forgotten and has become merchants of woman. Worldly pleasure creates a sense of dissatisfaction in the soul of men.

I have discusssed so many points in this essay. His father had died of a heart attack at age 51 and Bill was certain he faced a similar fate. We cannot know the gifts suffering provides to the soul's evolution. First-person essays. The focus of this essay is on the pros, as well as the cons of economic growth.

The Suffering Soul in the Scientific Age

Relationship Between Soul and Body Why Soul Is Suffering in Scientific Age? Scientific Age and Inventions Food of Soul Is Affection Soul Needs; Goods Essay; Chinese New Year Essay; Muhammad Ali Essay. Mar 30,  · The Suffering Soul in the Scientific Age There can be no two opinions about the veracity of the statement that the Modern Age is the age of science.

Science undoubtedly has revolutionized the world. Suffering Soul in the Age of Technology Essay Outline Issue: There is nothing wrong with scientific invention and technological advancements.

These have become the tools of progress and development in this modern age. But there must be a balance between progress and stability and neither should take over the other.

Extent of the Issue: Man [ ]. The Suffering Soul in the Scientific Age Human development has got progress in three lasting long phases, initially from theocratic to metaphysics to positivism or scientific age.

Compared with erstwhile two ages, man of scientific age seems complete in all respects and acquired acme of success. Argumentative Essay Topics From Team At Essay Basics Is this the age of digital explosion? 9: Can the chip control the mind too? If God is there, why are people suffering so much?

Why do Christians get divorced at almost the same rate as non-Christians?

Suffering soul in scientific age essay
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