Pest factors of vodafone

Problems in Euro zone: In this way, the overall profit of the company will be increased and the company will always be in a position to expand globally. A number of people wants to get connected with each another, so they accept the internet and mobile communication services. It includes the political system, government legal policies, political stability, interventions, and entry and exit policies, distribution of resources to any industry and tax structure Chen and Mohamed, PEST analysis helps in making strategic business decisions, planning marketing activities, product development and research.

Currently, Vodafone is highly advanced and has its access to new kind of technology within the industry. Vodafone should chalk out some legal bindings in this perspective.

However, in recent times there are certain things like the peace of the state and the political instability which laid direct impact on the company.

In next five years the political environment could be in favor for the Vodafone. The suitability or the unfavorable situations could be identified with the help of PEST analysis.

Technological Factors Vodafone has been famous in the world for its innovation. However, the increasing partnerships with other mobile networks globally have seen revenues from regions outsideEuropeaccount for close to 40 percent as of The diversification into the various areas of telecommunication industry could be treated as one of the major opportunities for Vodafone.

The SWOT analysis is also known as internal environment audit. The salesperson tries to highlight various features of the product to convince the customer that it will only add value. The objective of customer acquisition could be attained easily.

The elements of the marketing environment are external, internal and industrial environment Mead and Andrews, Feiman also suggested that each of factors, including the original PEST factors, should be measured against the following grid: It can put its impact at their pricing strategy and buying behavior of customers could also be affected.

Among the items that should be examined are demographics, population growth rates, age distribution, attitudes toward work and job market trends. Become a Freelance Writers Place an Order Marketing environment could be treated as periphery in which an organization operates its business and the business situations which could be suitable or adverse for the organization.

In recommending to Vodafone, the company must increase its GPRS subscriber base due to the high demand, deliberate more on value added services, introduce location-based services, diversify its broadband network by introducing voice over internet and finally tapping rural markets.

It could enable them to get the trust of government and the ethical values of the company could be considered as benchmark for other organizations. They have good liaising with the local governments and it could create positive political environment for Vodafone in next five years.

As such, Vodafone will keep making reasonable profits compared to its competitors. Let's study each individual factor of PEST analysis in detail. It includes the currency fluctuations, unemployment, earning and spending capacity of local residents, exchange rates, inflation etc.

It ranks second behind China mobile in terms of worldwide subscribers, but leads the track in terms of revenues. It financial position also continues to grow due to the innovativeness and ability to explore new markets in different geographical regions. Current situation definitely affect the future course of action.

Vodafone has made its place in the global world. Environmental Factors With the rise of globalization, people have become more and more ethical and ethics oriented. Networks in India, Egypt and Turkey are also in the process of upgradation.

Pestle Analysis of Vodafone

Similarly, Vodafone has capitalized on its opportunities and worked on ways to eliminate the threats and improve on its weaknesses through various competitive strategies MarketLine,p.

Vodafone provides its services in more than 60 countries and due to worldwide operations, the level of profit is also high. It improves their services and allows them to get privileges of technological environment.

The individual working in Vodafone often leaves and joins the rival companies, which maximizes the risks of leakage of innovative ideas.

What Is a PEST Analysis?

Absence from the profitable US market — Vodafone does not provide wireless telecom services in the United States although it does have a small enterprise business in the country.

The individual working in Vodafone often leaves and joins the rival companies, which maximizes the risks of leakage of innovative ideas. It is another very significant recommendation that Vodafone is required to understand the market scenario and then the business strategies could be constructed.

In this way, the overall profit of the company will be increased and the company will always be in a position to expand globally. Often companies try to follow this approach with customers to make them aware of a new product.

Weaknesses — Sluggish economic conditions in Europe — The continent brings in about two-thirds of the revenue for Vodafone. Currently the position of Vodafone is excellent at international platform.

Some of their operations in these countries are through joint ventures. For discuss the impact macro factors may place upon Vodafone in the future, this essay will mainly use PESTEL analysis to identify. PESTEL analysis divides into 6 factors which are political, economics, socio-cultural, technological, environmental and legal, for identify and list in general environment.

The main PEST factors of external influence on Vodafone’s value are the following: Political factors Vodafone is generally subject to regulations governing the operation of its business.

Vodafone Egypt’s shareholders structure consisted of Vodafone Group with %, Telecom Egypt with % and a minority free float of % Vodafone Egypt completed a full acquisition of Raya Telecom to penetrate the fixed-line data communication business.

Some common factors are political, economic, social and technological (known as PEST analysis). Companies also study environmental, legal, ethical and demographical factors.

Pestle Analysis of Vodafone

Companies also study environmental, legal, ethical and demographical factors. Vodafone Group Public Limited Company is the world’s leading mobile telecommunications company operating in more than five continents.

The company runs its operations from two geo-regions: Europe, which includes Western Europe andGermany, and EMAPA, which includes Middle East, Africa,Asiaand the pacific. About Vodafone Group: Vodafone Group plc is a major British multinational telecom company which is headquartered in London, U.K.

The profound idea of cellular boom began when Racal Electronics plc and Millicom Inc. partnered in to offer mobile telephone services, thus marking the start of the Vodafone brand.

Pest factors of vodafone
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What is a PEST Analysis?