Alpen bank case solution

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Case Analysis Alpen Bank: Launching the Credit Card in Romania Case Overview: In this case Alpen bank’s country manager Carle has to make a crucial decision whether or not they should go for the credit card business in Romania. It`s the case solution for Harvard case study.

Alpen bank in Romania Credit Card Case analysis 1. ALPEN BANK IN ROMANIA Authors: Aleksandre Chiqobava,Natia Bliadze and Murtaz Putkaradze 2.

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Market Environment Political Social Economic Technology 3. SWOT Analysis Opportunity Weaknesses Treats Strengths. Case Analysis. A new publishing company has just purchased the Pacific Sentinel, a fictional West Coast newspaper. The new publisher is willing to invest $1 million in the future success of the paper and has asked the executive editor and advertising manager to develop a joint plan for how the money should be spent.

Case Analysis for Alpen Bank Case Analysis: Alpen Bank The main issue that Alpen bank is facing is whether or not they should launch the credit card business in the Romania market and which group of target audience they should select while applying the launching strategy.

Alpen bank case solution
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